Wedding - Erica & Mike

November 06, 2013  •  1 Comment

I had the pleasure of shooting Erica & Mike's wedding in August of this year.  This couple was a lot of fun to work with and easy to get along with.  Erica is a project manager at her job so she brought a lot of planning skills and had all the details worked out about much of her wedding day.  I thought it was great. This made it easy for me because I knew what she wanted and I felt up to the task.  Mike on the other hand was very cool and smooth......easy going.  This just goes to show how opposites attract and usually provide BALANCE in a relationship.

Their families were wonderful and to hear all the kind words and expressions of love and childhood memories from family and friends was very heartwarming.  I actually got choked up during Mike's younger brothers speech.  He described how he looked up to and admired his older brother all through his life in school, at home and in sports.  He thanked him for "setting a high standard."  This touched me particularly because I'm an only child I don't have this type of bond therefore I felt is was special.

Ok enough of the mushy stuff!  Moving on to the reception.  I can tell you one thing......the Booker and Coleman families REALLY know how to party!  They tore up the dance floor for hours and their guest seemed to have a great time.  I saw everything from the ROBOT to breakdancing, moves from MC Hammer to New Edition and heard beats and tunes from the 80's, 90's and up.  So much fun.  

Congratulations to Erica & Mike. Thank you for letting Paul Marcus Photos share in your special day and we wish you a bright future filled with LOVE!


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