Paul Marcus Photos: Blog en-us (C) Paul Marcus Photos (Paul Marcus Photos) Fri, 02 Oct 2020 23:43:00 GMT Fri, 02 Oct 2020 23:43:00 GMT Paul Marcus Photos: Blog 80 120 Customer Visit after photos received We worked with the King Family when Cedric King contacted us to purchase a photoshoot for his wife for Mother's Day.  During that shoot we photographed the entire family to get some family and individual images of them all to display in their home.  Khieda King (Wife/Mom) said she wanted to add a more "personal touch" to their beautiful home and was looking forward to hanging some family photos.  Khieda also decided to shoot some individual photos on a different day because she wanted to do a shoot all for herself.  Both sessions went great!  Take a look at this video where we re-visit the King's home to see where they hung and displayed the images and here from Khieda her feelings about her experience with Paul Marcus Photos.


Video 1 - A walkthrough to see where the photos were hung and displayed

King House Walkthough Video 2 - Hear from the client about the overall experience

King interview

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Maternity Sessions When a woman is pregnant it is an AMAZING time.  It may not always feel like that to her....but to us we are totally amazed by what you are doing with your body.  You have another life growing and being nurtured by YOU.  It's incredible and should be appreciated by you, your significant other, and your family.  If you book a maternity session with us.....we will make you feel wonderful, beautiful and comfortable.

Our goal is to relax you so that we can get some unique and gorgeous images of you while you are in the process of bringing a new life to the world.

Congratulations on this special time of your life!

Take a look at some images from one of our recent maternity sessions and a "behind the scenes" video.

Contact us today if you'd like to learn more about booking a session of your own or getting one for someone who's expecting.  A photo session makes a great gift!

Call: 404-500-8605


Naturee-19Naturee-19 Naturee-30Naturee-30 Naturee-33Naturee-33 Naturee-85LNaturee-85L Naturee-98LNaturee-98L Naturee-161Naturee-161 Naturee-180LNaturee-180L


Naturee-211Naturee-211 Naturee-55Naturee-55 Naturee-206LNaturee-206L

Naturee-216LNaturee-216L Naturee-223LNaturee-223L Naturee-241LNaturee-241L Naturee-258Naturee-258 Naturee-231LNaturee-231L

Maternity Session 2 (1)


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Angela & Williton We met Angela and Will at a big bridal show in Atlanta the summer before their spring wedding.  A cute and awesome couple that was very friendly, energetic and excited about their special day.  We were lucky enough that they selected US to be their engagement & wedding photographers.  Capturing their engagement gave us the opportunity to work with them and build a little bit of a relationship with them.  I find this always helps because if we work together for your engagement'll be much more comfortable with us on your wedding day.  I also believe that being comfortable with your wedding photographer can have a POSITIVE affect on your wedding day photos.  Not only will we already know your best angles etc., but you will be more comfortable overall and your photos will show it.

Angela and Will braved the hot Atlanta spring heat for their engagement photos but we all were very pleased with the results.

Angela & Williton-36Angela & Williton-36 Angela & Williton-53Angela & Williton-53 Angela & Williton-98Angela & Williton-98

Then months later we got to be a part of their AWESOME wedding day.  They pulled out all the stops from start to finish not missing any details.  Angela looked beautiful in her perfectly fitting wedding gown and Will looked great in his Grey tux.  The room decor was excellent with blue light cast throughout the space and gave a festive vibe to the party.  The DJ kept the energy HIGH and the party was definitely one to remember.  The venue, cake, food, flowers etc. were all excellent.   Enjoy some of the photos from the day and check out the video at the end of this post!


Cooley-5Cooley-5Canon EOS R Cooley-13Cooley-13Canon EOS R Cooley-18Cooley-18Canon EOS R

Cooley-872Cooley-872Canon EOS R Cooley-791Cooley-791Canon EOS R Cooley-46Cooley-46Canon EOS R

Cooley-105Cooley-105Canon EOS R Cooley-652Cooley-652Canon EOS R  

Cooley-247Cooley-247Canon EOS R

Cooley-306Cooley-306Canon EOS R Cooley-394Cooley-394Canon EOS R Cooley-592Cooley-592Canon EOS R Cooley-629Cooley-629Canon EOS R Cooley-643Cooley-643Canon EOS R   Cooley-750Cooley-750Canon EOS R Cooley-756Cooley-756Canon EOS R Cooley-777Cooley-777Canon EOS R Cooley-785Cooley-785Canon EOS R   Cooley-807Cooley-807Canon EOS R Cooley-848Cooley-848Canon EOS R   Cooley-878Cooley-878Canon EOS R Cooley-880Cooley-880Canon EOS R Cooley-998Cooley-998Canon EOS R Cooley-1252Cooley-1252Canon EOS R Cooley-1447Cooley-1447Canon EOS R Cooley-1450Cooley-1450Canon EOS R Cooley-1456Cooley-1456Canon EOS R   Cooley_Album_02Cooley_Album_02 Cooley_Album_03Cooley_Album_03 Cooley_Album_06Cooley_Album_06 Cooley_Album_07Cooley_Album_07 Cooley_Album_09Cooley_Album_09 Cooley_Album_10Cooley_Album_10 Cooley_Album_12Cooley_Album_12 Cooley_Album_13Cooley_Album_13 Cooley_Album_14Cooley_Album_14

Cooley - 1080 - Full Video

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Mother & Son Shoot We've worked with Ms. Chinyere Sullivan a few times over the years.  This shoot was something she wanted to do with you son Ayden.  She wanted to capture some casual and formal type photos with him.  These types of shoots are a great way to capture a point in time of your child or children that will soon be gone.  This shoot was completed in around 90 minutes.  I usually request children be around 8yrs old for these types of shoots just because they will get bored very quickly when they are younger.  Ayden did great and so did Mom.


Enjoy a few photos from the session and consider us if you are looking for a photographer for your own family photos or other types of photographic work.


Chinyere & Ayden-6Chinyere & Ayden-6 Chinyere & Ayden-10Chinyere & Ayden-10 Chinyere & Ayden-13Chinyere & Ayden-13 Chinyere & Ayden-23-2Chinyere & Ayden-23-2 Chinyere & Ayden-29Chinyere & Ayden-29 Chinyere & Ayden-42Chinyere & Ayden-42 Chinyere & Ayden-43Chinyere & Ayden-43 Chinyere & Ayden-47Chinyere & Ayden-47 Chinyere & Ayden-53Chinyere & Ayden-53 Chinyere & Ayden-74Chinyere & Ayden-74 Chinyere & Ayden-76Chinyere & Ayden-76 Chinyere & Ayden-84Chinyere & Ayden-84 Chinyere & Ayden-93Chinyere & Ayden-93 Chinyere & Ayden-117Chinyere & Ayden-117 Chinyere & Ayden-109Chinyere & Ayden-109 Chinyere & Ayden-129Chinyere & Ayden-129 Chinyere & Ayden-135Chinyere & Ayden-135 Chinyere & Ayden-133Chinyere & Ayden-133


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Michelle & Qawiy - Wedding Michelle met with us at an Atlanta Bridal show and booked with us a few weeks after that show.  We were happy to work with her and her husband Qawiy (pronounced Kai Wee).  We photographed their engagement photos and later their beautiful wedding held at The Atrium in Norcross, GA.  The bride was stunning on her special day in a gorgeous strapless white gown with lots of blinged out accessories.  Qawiy looked great as well in a black tux with tastefully chosen blue offset bowtie and boutonniere.  The venue is a lovely location.....perfect for small to medium weddings.  They have very well manicured grounds and perfect spaces for awesome wedding photos.


Enjoy this slideshow and testimonial from the Bride and Groom as well as some of our favorite photos from the day.  If you are in search of a engagement & wedding us today!  The photos are one of the most important "take aways" from the event as it goes by so fast and you will not be able to see or remember everything.  But if you have an experienced, high quality photographer.....they can catch all of the special moments for you.  Looking at your wedding album and all of your wedding photos should take you back to the day so you can relive all of the special moments, see all of your guest, family and friends, and remember each and every detail you chose for the occasion.


Alsbrooks Wedding Also you can see more photos on our Facebook page here:

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Juanita & Mike - Wedding We enjoyed working with Juanita and Mike. A very nice couple who were actually FUN to work with. They had great ideas for their engagement session and throughout the entire process from engagement to the end of their wedding were very open to our suggestions etc. They were married at Agnes Scott College in Atlanta, Georgia.

We met them at the Georgia Wedding and Bridal Expo in early 2018. They actually booked with us by the end of the show. We enjoyed meeting their family and friends. The special moments throughout the day actually got me choked up a few times! The reception was a party for sure! They had some choreographed dances and skit which were very entertaining. When Mike busted out with the New Edition song "If it isn't love" and danced to it.....I wanted to actually join in! LOL

At Paul Marcus Photos/Paul Marcus Weddings we are not just taking photos. We are cataloging your MEMORIES. By the end of the process, I'd consider our clients "friends." Most of our clients usually feel the same way. So congrats to you Juanita & Mike Kimble! We wish you a lifetime of happy times and love ;o)


Wedding Coordinator:



Kimble Wedding

Kimble-332Kimble-332 Kimble-13Kimble-13 Kimble-35Kimble-35 Kimble-151Kimble-151 IMG_1277IMG_1277 Kimble-302Kimble-302

Kimble-338Kimble-338 Kimble-659Kimble-659 Kimble-159Kimble-159 Kimble-109Kimble-109 Kimble-134Kimble-134 Kimble-335Kimble-335 Kimble-652Kimble-652 Kimble-664Kimble-664 Kimble-927Kimble-927 Kimble-271Kimble-271 Kimble-1308Kimble-1308 Kimble-969Kimble-969 Kimble-1250Kimble-1250 Kimble-983Kimble-983 Kimble-1041Kimble-1041 Kimble-1294Kimble-1294 Kimble-909Kimble-909 Kimble-718Kimble-718 Kimble-923Kimble-923 Kimble-943Kimble-943 Kimble-850Kimble-850 Kimble-843Kimble-843 Kimble-861Kimble-861 Kimble-725Kimble-725 Kimble-849Kimble-849

IMG_0077-2IMG_0077-2 Kimble-1323Kimble-1323

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Boudoir and Sexy Images Lori Z-9Lori Z-9


Lawrenceville/Atlanta Boudoir Photography

Shooting Boudoir, Sexy or Nude Images


This Boudoir/Sexy Images/Nudity topic can be a touchy one for some.  Even for myself I've struggled sometimes over the years of "HOW" I want my photography viewed and perceived by others.  Unfortunately every male with a camera is NOT a professional and some of them have ruined the term "professional photographer" for many.  I wanted to differ from the perverts with a cameras and do my best to capture images that even if they might be racy or risqué......they could be done with class and taste.  I wanted my clients who desired this type of service to FEEL beautiful and celebrated and I wanted viewers of my work to be pleasantly intrigued, interested and maybe even stunned.

"How can I achieve this?" I asked myself.  How can I take photos of scantily clad clients that reach the goal the client is looking for, satisfies my own creativity and artistic values and not have my art or integrity questioned by my wife and/or family about the images I made?

I came up with a few ways:

  1. Shoot every boudoir/sexy session as if my wife were present and keep conversation PROFESSIONAL. 
  2. Treat every female client how I'd want my wife, mother or daughters treated
  3. Capture the shot that tells the story or mood I'm trying to convey....nothing more
  4. Don't shoot nudity and body parts just to be shooting nudity and body parts
  5. Do everything in my power to make my client feel comfortable, beautiful and confident

I think with these 5 elements I can achieve my goal of successful boudoir/sexy photography and my clients would enjoy themselves and hopefully love their images. 


Getting a new boudoir client

When I am contacted by someone that wants boudoir or any type of "sexy" photos.....I have a consultation with them to hear what their vision is for the shoot and the images that we try to produce.  We talk about boundaries, goals and I always request some "inspiration images" from their own searching across the internet.  If the client can do some of their own research for images that they love.....this helps them know what type of outfits they want to wear, scenes they might want to create and helps them have at least some "starting" poses to practice.  I believe with my good communication from the beginning of the process, my clients are usually ready, planned and excited on shoot day.

Having photographed numerous women of all personality types, ethnicities and backgrounds I can say that I've had the very confident types who are into fitness (as my photos will show) and they have no problem getting undressed and walking around naked, to the very shy types who are striving for some confidence to shake things up a bit.  I've photographed women who've recently lost weight and worked out to get back their bikini body and women who wanted to give their significant other some sexy photos of themselves as a gift.  I recently had a client who was newly divorced and was looking to discover her feminine side and sex appeal again.  She said it had been awhile since she felt "pretty" and looked forward to shopping for her outfits, getting her hair and makeup done and having some awesome images of herself to enjoy.


My Vision

Yes I know that even though I personally might really like the images I've posted in THIS blog, some of you will not.  That is fine.  They say "beauty is in the eye of the beholder."  So as I post some of my work here in this blog it's attempting to reach or interest SOME of you.  If you are a woman who has a desire to be photographed in a "judgement free zone," somewhere where you will be respected and celebrated......consider reaching out to us for a consultation.  We'd love to hear your ideas and see if we can help you achieve some wonderful images that you can be proud of.  I think all women should start cataloging themselves photographically maybe every 5 years at a minimum.  This will show how you age, mature and change over the course of your life.  What better way to look back at your life and actually SEE how far you've come?  We all will get older, gain weight, get some grey hair, lose hair etc.  But the awesome thing about women (I believe) is that they are beautiful in every stage of their lives.  Sometimes I believe that women are going so hard at life, at work or for their families they forget about the girl inside.  They don't take the time to celebrate being a FEMALE and enjoy their body, their tenderness, their sensitivity and yes...even their sexiness.  

Body images.....I know my portfolio and even the photos within this blog will show good looking women with awesome bodies.  What I'd like to say to you as you are reading this blog is that if you don't look like these clients of mine, that's OK.  The reason I don't have someone that looks like YOU in my portfolio is because YOU have not called to set an appointment.  I can only shoot who books a session with me.  The women that you see in my portfolio of work have one thing in common......confidence.  If you happen to be larger or smaller than the women in my what!  You have your own unique beauty and I'd love to showcase it for you.  Don't compare yourself to anyone.  Be yourself.  At Paul Marcus Photos were are here to photograph PEOPLE.  Plain and simple.....all shapes, all sizes, all races.  My portfolio has a lot of fitness people because they love my work and guess what....they love taking photos.  I can't fault them for that.  But I don't want to be cornered into only being looked at as a "Fitness Photographer."  So if you are out there and you might not have 6 pack abs and a perfectly toned body....but you love how you feel in your own skin and you want some awesome, racy, sexy or intimate photos of yourself, we are here for YOU.  ;o)


A funny story

One funny story I can share about one of my very first boudoir PRACTICE sessions is I had this very beautiful model all made up, hair done and wearing nothing but underwear and heels.  We planned to do some bed poses.  So she's on the bed and I literally have NO posing experience (at the time) for this type of work.  So I have to "wing it."  Then after I get some kind of pose for lighting set up is all wrong.  I asked for her patience as I was trying to light her just right for the pose.   She was great that day allowing me the time I needed to move lights and "figure out" what I liked with my lighting, photograph angles etc.   That day really taught me.....before shooting any NEW type of must PRACTICE to work out the kinks.  Having some experience, skill and a plan really helps achieve a successful shoot.

Here's the shot I was able to get after figuring out the pose and lighting:


In summary....for all of the women who have displayed themselves in front of me and my camera.....I thank you for that trust.  You have shown me your most intimate self, your beauty, your tenderness, your fear, your insecurities, wrinkles, scars and imperfections.  I hope that I made you feel like all I saw was your beauty and captured it in a way that you, and whoever your shared your images with could see it too.


Paul Marcus Photos

*Paul Marcus Photos is a portrait photographer based near Atlanta in Lawrenceville, GA.  We specialize is glamour, beauty, headshots, pageant, high school senior portraits and wedding photography.  Need a photographer?  Give a call: 404-500-8605, or email:


The Images

Boudoir: is a woman's private sitting room or salon in a furnished accommodation, usually between the dining room and the bedroom, but can also refer to a woman's private bedroom.

Although the above definition refers to a sitting room or bedroom....I like to flip that to be anywhere a woman is showing her intimate beauty, allure and sex appeal.  As you will see in my images that can be indoors, outdoors, in my studio, anywhere in a house, in lingerie or in a bikini.  However YOU feel how I will photograph you.

Alexis-159Alexis-159 Alexis-93LAlexis-93L Alexis-45LAlexis-45L


Abby-20-3Abby-20-3 Abby-121-4Abby-121-4 Abby-149-2Abby-149-2 Analiza-126LAnaliza-126L Analiza-89LAnaliza-89L Analiza -1st editAnaliza -1st edit Analiza-7LAnaliza-7L


Cynthia mirror styleCynthia mirror style


Cinthya #3-193Cinthya #3-193 Cinthya - Horses-123Cinthya - Horses-123 Danielle-207Danielle-207 Danielle-145Danielle-145

Danielle-106Danielle-106 Danielle-48Danielle-48 Danielle-20Danielle-20

Danielle-154-EditDanielle-154-Edit Danielle-211-EditDanielle-211-Edit IMG_0041IMG_0041 Lisa-190LLisa-190L Lisa-40Lisa-40


IMG_7514IMG_7514 Luba Lieber-397Luba Lieber-397 Luba Lieber-351Luba Lieber-351 Liuba-116Liuba-116 Liuba-80Liuba-80

Lori Z-26Lori Z-26

Brittany-247-2Brittany-247-2 Shae Connor-10LShae Connor-10L Shae Connor-70LShae Connor-70L Shae Connor-47LShae Connor-47L


Vicky side by sideVicky side by side Vicky-172Vicky-172 Vicky-120LVicky-120L

Vicky-124LVicky-124L Vicky-233Vicky-233

Paul Marcus Photos is based in Lawrenceville, Georgia an serves the greater Atlanta area.  We perform and specialize in boudoir photography, fitness photography, wedding photography, high school senior photography and senior portraits, beauty photography, glamour photography, fashion photography and select family photography.  We love servicing the Atlanta, GA area as well as our local areas of Lawrenceville, Snellville, Duluth, Suwanee, Buford and Loganville, Georgia.

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Fitness Client - Khanh Nguyen Around 7 years ago when just really getting into shooting fitness clients I was exposed through connections of the lovely Khanh Nguyen.  She was in a fitness circle of another client of mine "Sarah" and they had just did a photo shoot together in Austin, TX.  Fast forward to the WBFF Wolrd's in Las Vegas August 2013 and I saw Khanh there.  I wasn't able to catch her as the competition weekend was so busy.  I was shooting clients that weekend and she was competing.  So when I got back home to Austin.....I reached out to her and she was glad I did.  So back in October 2013 we did our first shoot together.

Dr. Khahn is a professional woman, intelligent, driven and fun.  She has great energy and ideas on her photoshoots and what I like about her most is her "LET"S DO IT" attitude.  She brings outfits that will stun most and looks great in them all.  She carefully chooses her fashions and accessories and puts in the planning that makes her photos look so good.  I have never heard her complain on a shoot!  No matter how HOT it can be in Texas or even when she was getting bit by a bunch of mosquito's.....she will still "get the shot."  I really appreciate that.

As a doctor, a wife and a Mom she has a very busy schedule so I am always appreciative when she schedules with me and takes a day out of her busy life to shoot with me.  Khan will proudly tell you that she is in her 40's but I'll keep you guessing on the exact number.  She proves that age is just a number.  I've seen her photos of her and her husband on Facebook and he keeps in great shape as well.  This couple definitely works hard and plays hard.

Thanks Khan for the great photos over the years and your continued support of Paul Marcus Photos.

If you are into fitness, bikini competitions or are just proud of your body....we do great work and would love to work with you to capture great images for you.  We are also available for weddings, glamour, beauty, pageants, high school senior portraits and more.  Click here to get more info.

We are based in Lawrenceville, GA but we serve clients all over the USA.  We travel a lot and you might catch us in a city near you.  If not consider making a stop by Atlanta, GA and shoot with us here in the local area and in our studio.

Our 1st shoot: October 2013:

Khanh doubleKhanh double-fitness-photography IMG_0221IMG_0221-fitness-photography Khanh-4Khanh-4-fitness-photography Khanh-21Khanh-21-fitness-photography Khanh-18Khanh-18-fitness-photography Khanh-50Khanh-50 Khanh-60Khanh-60-fitness-photography Khanh-90Khanh-90-fitness-photography Khanh-127Khanh-127-fitness-photography Khanh-152Khanh-152-fitness-photography Khanh-213Khanh-213-fitness-photography


Photos from our 2nd Shoot July 2016


Khanh-8LKhanh-8L-fitness-photography Khanh-15Khanh-15-fitness-photography IMG_0828IMG_0828-fitness-photography Khanh-53Khanh-53--fitness-photography Khanh-65Khanh-65-fitness-photography Khanh-96Khanh-96-fitness-photography Khanh-109Khanh-109-fitness-photography Khanh-141Khanh-141-fitness-photography Khanh-165Khanh-165-fitness-photography


Photos from our 3rd Shoot October 2017

Khanh-26Khanh-26-fitness-photography Khanh-1LKhanh-1L-fitness-photography Khanh-57LKhanh-57L-fitness-photography Khanh-107LKhanh-107L-fitness-photography Khanh-106Khanh-106-fitness-photography Khanh-111LKhanh-111L-fitness-photography Khanh-151LKhanh-151L-fitness-photography

Paul Marcus Photos is based in Lawrenceville, Georgia an serves the greater Atlanta area.  We perform and specialize in boudoir photography, fitness photography, wedding photography, high school senior photography and senior portraits, beauty photography, glamour photography, fashion photography and select family photography.  We love servicing the Atlanta, GA area as well as our local areas of Lawrenceville, Snellville, Duluth, Suwanee, Buford and Loganville, Georgia.


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Juanita & Mike - Engagement Photo Session Engagement/Wedding Photography - Lawrenceville, GA


I met Juanita and Mike at a bridal show here in Atlanta back in January. To be honest I almost didn't do this show. I had been discouraged from the last couple of shows I had done and not happy with the clientele or the results. Before this show I actually TRIED to cancel. Since the cancellation deadline had passed....I was forced to do the show or have a credit with the organizer for a future show. I decided to go. I did my best to shake off my skepticism, put on a happy face and present my business the best I could.

I'm glad I did. This was by far the largest, most attended show I have done. They had over 1800 registered brides and I would say that most of them showed up over the 2 day event. During the show I was lucky enough to meet and talk with Juanita and Mike. A great looking couple who had a few great questions for me and I enjoyed answering them. After visiting my booth and looking at my materials I told them "I really would LOVE to shoot your wedding as I know the photos will be AWESOME!" They said they liked what they saw and would be getting back to me. Lucky for me.....they did. They booked with me the very next day!

So we recently completed their engagement photo session. We shot the session behind Vines Mansion in Loganville, GA in what is called Vines Park. An awesome place for photos and for a nice peaceful walk. We had a perfect "overcast" day which I love for taking photos because of the even light. These two were great to work with and I enjoyed working with them. Their love was definitely on display as they maintained the "touchy/feely" vibe and giggles as young couples in love usually do. I think we click as a team. Our vibes matched. They can be themselves and so can I and it just works. This is something I usually stress to engaged couples during consultations. Since you will be working with a photographer in close quarters for engagement photos and on your wedding might really want to consider someone you are COMFORTABLE around. This will help calm your nerves, makes your posing easier and allows you to be YOURSELF around someone pointing a camera at you.

Juanita and Mike met at college at the University of Kentucky. Mike's proposal story is one of a kind. He really put some thought into it, hired a "hidden" photographer to capture the moment and even did a little "acting" by falling down so he could get down on the ground and eventually up on one knee. CLEVER! He even had friends and family tucked away across the street from his chosen proposal location so they could watch and celebrate afterwards. Bravo Mike!

They incorporated their "GREEK" connections into the shoot which they told me was important to them. It was cool. Enjoy a few of the photos from the photo session and also this VIDEO!

Congrats to the happy couple and thanks for choosing Paul Marcus Weddings to capture this special time in your lives.

*If you are looking for a professional, dependable and skilled photographer who will bring you quality photos and products for your wedding, look no further and contact us! or email:

Juanita & Mike-79LJuanita & Mike-79L Juanita & Mike-84LJuanita & Mike-84L Juanita & Mike-99Juanita & Mike-99 Juanita & Mike-115Juanita & Mike-115 Juanita & Mike-118Juanita & Mike-118 Juanita & Mike-128LJuanita & Mike-128L Juanita & Mike-135Juanita & Mike-135 Juanita & Mike-145Juanita & Mike-145 Juanita & Mike-154LJuanita & Mike-154L Juanita & Mike-166Juanita & Mike-166 Juanita & Mike-167Juanita & Mike-167 Juanita & Mike-193Juanita & Mike-193 Juanita & Mike-223Juanita & Mike-223 Juanita & Mike-234Juanita & Mike-234 Juanita & Mike-255LJuanita & Mike-255L Juanita & Mike-257Juanita & Mike-257


***Check out a behind the scenes video!***

Juanita & Mike

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Andamo & Angelene Engagement/Wedding Photography - Lawrenceville, GA


These days....most of us have some sort of "blended family."  Through relationships and marriages etc., so even though I was an only child.....I personally have a lot of "siblings" now.  This beautiful wedding held at The Merion in Cinnaminson, NJ was a wedding of my nephew Andamo McCullough and his bride Angelene Nembhard.  These two awesome young people talked with me very briefly about their wedding about a year prior.  They really had just found out that I had a photography business.  After reviewing my website and some of my work.....I eventually got a call from them when they told me that they wanted to hire ME for their wedding and didn't even consider looking at any other photographers.  I was honored.  I wanted the job, but I didn't want to get the opportunity only because I was FAMILY.  I wanted them to be sure they wanted me for my work.  Which they expressed they did.  They also requested for me NOT to give us them any discounts......"we want to pay you your full rates."  Once again.......I was honored.

So they chose the collection of service they wanted from me at the full price.....but I added a few extras as my gift to them.  The wedding and reception was PHENOMENAL.  Every detail was immaculate, top notch, the food choices, snacks, deserts and treat were all delicious, beautiful and well planned.   Both of them looked stunning on their special day.  Angelene's skin was radiant, glowing and a beautiful chocolate brown.  Her dress was gorgeous and fit her perfectly.  Her smile lit up the day and her dimples accentuated her beautiful cheekbones.  Andamo looked very handsome, his tux fit perfectly and he looked as confident and happy as I'd ever seen him.  He told me he had been really going hard on his work outs at the gym.  He was indeed ready for his special day.

The wedding was beautiful and I was glad to be a part of it.   The couple and venue coordinator were very accommodating to me, giving me all access and permission to do any and everything I wanted to do or try.  This allowed for some wonderful images that I am very proud of.  Some of my best.  

When planning your own wedding remember that your venue can really make or break your wedding photos.  As a photographer we can get creative and "hide" bad areas by blurring them with a specific lens choice or by posing you at certain angles.  But if you invest in a great are giving your photographer a beautiful canvas as to which to create your wedding images on.  Enjoy some of my favorite images from the day!

*Paul Marcus Photos is a portrait and wedding photographer based in Lawrenceville, GA (near Atlanta, GA) but we can shoot your wedding wherever it is being held.  We can do destination weddings, church weddings, Hotel weddings, indoor or outdoor weddings as well.  Our wedding clients appreciate QUALITY photography, elegant and one of a kind wedding albums and LARGE wall art.  If you have distinguishing taste and put value on your wedding imagery, contact us for a quote.  We'd love to discuss your special day!

McCullough 1-295McCullough 1-295-wedding-photography

McCullough 1-41-2McCullough 1-41-2-wedding-photography McCullough 1-47-2McCullough 1-47-2-wedding-photography

McCullough 1-342-2McCullough 1-342-2-wedding-photography

McCullough 2-116McCullough 2-116-wedding-photography

McCullough 1-338McCullough 1-338-wedding-photography McCullough 2-129-2McCullough 2-129-2-wedding-photographyBride arriving in her limo

McCullough 1-124-2McCullough 1-124-2-wedding-photography McCullough 1-182McCullough 1-182 McCullough 1-307-2McCullough 1-307-2 McCullough 1-319McCullough 1-319 McCullough 1-399-2McCullough 1-399-2

McCullough 1-161McCullough 1-161 McCullough 1-439-2McCullough 1-439-2 McCullough 1-486-2McCullough 1-486-2 McCullough 1-499-2McCullough 1-499-2 McCullough 1-517-2McCullough 1-517-2 McCullough 1-546-2McCullough 1-546-2 McCullough 1-622-2McCullough 1-622-2 McCullough 1-626-2McCullough 1-626-2 McCullough 1-631-2McCullough 1-631-2   McCullough 1-677-2McCullough 1-677-2 McCullough 1-712-2McCullough 1-712-2 McCullough 1-854-2McCullough 1-854-2 McCullough 1-862-2McCullough 1-862-2

McCullough 1-877McCullough 1-877 McCullough 2-192McCullough 2-192 McCullough 1-253McCullough 1-253 McCullough 2-252McCullough 2-252

McCullough 1-746McCullough 1-746Father Daughter Dance McCullough 1-760McCullough 1-760Mother Son Dance McCullough 1-786McCullough 1-786Dancing at the reception McCullough 1-794McCullough 1-794Dancing at the reception McCullough 1-845McCullough 1-845Groom retrieving the garter McCullough 2-321McCullough 2-321

McCullough 2-299McCullough 2-299bride and groom first dance

McCullough 1-637-2McCullough 1-637-2 McCullough 1-710McCullough 1-710 McCullough 1-997McCullough 1-997



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Vicky - IFBB Fitness Pro and Bikini Champ Lawrenceville/Atlanta Fitness Photography


After 8 years of shooting fitness beginners, bodybuilders, physique, figure and bikini competitors I can say that I have seen a lot.  I've seen a lot of personalities, body types, muscles, symmetry and overall beauty of the human form.  I've also really learned to appreciate what my fitness clients put into looking so awesome.  One look in a your own underwear or swimsuit and compare yourselves to some of my fitness photos....and you probably can understand as well.

When I've been exposed to the workouts, the diet, the meal prep and the DISCIPLINE to continue to do this type of routine day after day, week after week and month after month with little to no "cheating" it makes me say wow.  If you ever attend a fitness show to see the best bodies around strut their stuff on'll say wow too. 

In this day of being "connected" via social media I was introduced to my client Vicky via her Facebook page.  She and I shared a lot of friends and that's how I saw her.  We became friends there and on Instagram and I was a fan from that point on.  Vicky is unique as they come.  She has one Columbian and one Finnish parent giving her a uncommon mix of beauty.  When I first met and worked with her.....I couldn't believe how PRETTY she actually is.  You sometimes see people all done up on social media but in person they might take a step down.  Not Vicky.  She is as beautiful as you see her......and it's all real.  Her skin is clear, her teeth are white, her smile is inviting and her features are gorgeous.

Vicky is very funny with a sharp sense of humor.  She is a bit of a "tom boy" as they say.  She comfortable in her gym gear, sneakers, and a backwards baseball cap.  When it comes time to "clean up" and get pretty....she is hard to beat.   She is also very direct and will tell you exactly how she feels with no filter.  If you are easily offended or have weak or timid personality....this bombshell will roll right over you.  

We have photographed together three times now.  Each time she brings it.  She takes her photo shoots seriously.  She will show up physically ready bringing nothing but the best body to the shoot.  She will come with creative and well thought out clothing and she takes posing direction and suggestions very well.  She is also creative and will create her own poses and do things on her own that seem to always work.

I enjoy working with people like her as she challenges me to get better, get more creative and get outside of my own "fitness photography box."  Having a subject that allows you to enjoy the shoot as an ARTIST will open you up and surprise you as to what you can accomplish.  So thank you Vicky for being an inspiration to the thousands of followers you have as well as photographers like me who appreciate what you do.

Some other interesting facts:

Won 1st place at her first FIVE NPC bikini competitions

Sponsored by: Goddess Glam Suits, Maxler

Mother of 2 (yes you can get super fit after having kids)

Fluent in 3 languages: English, Spanish, Finnish

Follow her on Instagram:  Vicky_ifbbpro

Her favorite make up artist: Artistry is Everything

Check out a video from one of our shoots:  PMP Video - Vicky K

*If you are into fitness or bodybuilding and live in the Atlanta, GA area, we are based in Lawrenceville, GA and would love to help you start building a winning portfolio of your work and fitness journey.  We do travel to other cities from time to time as well so if you are interested in hosting us in your us!


COVER SHOT!  I forgot to mention that working with Vicky also earned me my 1st Fitness Magazine Cover as well!  Being an international fitness star Vicky's shot was submitted to a top fitness magazine in Europe by her supplement sponsor Maxler and was awarded the cover.  Link:


Thanks to these gyms which always accommodate my photo shoots when I am in town and are featured in the photos below:

Metroflex Austin - Austin, Texas

Metroflex Fort Worth - Fort Worth, Texas

House of Gainz - Georgetown, Texas

Extreme Iron Pro Gym - Dallas, Texas

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She exudes GRACE Lawrenceville/Atlanta Pageant & Beauty Photography


Although we are based in Lawrenceville, GA.....last year I met and photographed Miss Grace Shugart at the IJM Pageant that was held in Birmingham, AL.  She had a great pageant and was crowned a winner in her division.  Things were going awesome.  Right after the pageant there was some commotion and grumbling.  I later found out that Grace was disqualified and lost her crown and title literally within the same hour she won it.  I don't know all the details but I heard it had to do with her home residence.  Meaning she couldn't win the title she was up for based on where she lived.  I know she had to be devastated.  As a Dad I can only imagine the heartbreak of a little girl during such an emotional, competitive competition which takes months of prep and carries tons of expenses.


Fast forward to this year.  Grace comes back to the same pageant held in Atlanta this year at the Marriott Hotel Century Center location.  Again her mother Kelli signed up with me to take photos of Grace not only stage photos but also a personal "mini session" that I offer.  The mini session allows time for some headshots and location based photos within the venue.  I can get creative with the client and pose them how I want.  These mini sessions are a good chance to get each girl to be a MODEL and bring out a side of them that maybe they don't know exists.


Grace didn't disappoint.  I was stunned when I first saw her this year.  She's grown a lot in 1 year.  A bit taller, filling out as girls do and looked much more mature.  Braces on her teeth have been added since I last saw her as well.  She's still a little beauty.  I love her personality.  She's bubbly, fun and always approachable.  I hope she never loses these traits.  I have worked with some young ladies who are a bit cold and full of themselves which I guess is always possible in this pageant world.  But Grace is warm, friendly and respectful.


So we had our 2018 photo session and she killed it as she did last year.  But this was Grace 2.0 so with the added maturity, size and confidence.....she wowed me even more. 


Grace didn't win 1st place this year......but I titled this blog accordingly because even though she didn't win, I saw her maintain her smile, cheered for others and accepted her placing with what else........GRACE.

Hats off to you my beautiful little friend.  I'm inspired by young people like you.  ;o)


Enjoy a few photos of this wonderful young lady.


Special thanks to Dee Hairston who is the Director for the IJM Pageant in Georgia.  Get more information about the IJM and their pageants at:


IMG_0232-3IMG_0232-3 IMG_0272-3LIMG_0272-3L

IMG_0329IMG_0329 IMG_0333IMG_0333

IMG_0095IMG_0095 IMG_0062-2IMG_0062-2 IMG_0031IMG_0031 IMG_0050-2LIMG_0050-2L

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Alyssa - Beauty Pageant Photo Session by Paul Marcus Photos (Lawrenceville, GA) A few weeks ago at our studio here in Lawrenceville, GA I was able to meet and shoot with Miss Alyssa.  Her Mother Kim brought this pint-sized beauty to me for headshots that she needed for an upcoming pageant.   If you don’t know anything about pageants……all contestants need to submit a headshot.  This photo is used to go along with any “packet” of information about the contestant and is the FIRST LOOK that the judges will have of a contestant.  I am told a winning headshot can almost WIN you a pageant because it can really show the potential of a contestant.  Of course they get points for poise, style, stage presentation and their interviews…..but guess what?  It’s a BEAUTY pageant.  Beauty matters too.


So I’ve been involved with pageants for 2 years now.  I’ve met parents and coaches as well as a lot of contestants.  Yes……I said COACHES.  A pageant coach can really help guide a young lady and polish her presentation so that she gets favorable results.  Think you can just enter a pageant and walk in with your best outfit and win?  Think again.   Winners are MADE.  They are coached on how to dress, walk, talk, stand, smile and speak.  I’ve heard of pageants being mentioned as a “sport” and from what I’ve seen….there is not much difference.  You perform how you practice in sports.  The players with the best COACHING usually win.  Yes there is always someone that is super talented and sports that does great things….but natural talent can usually only take you so far.  The same goes in pageantry.  You could be the most beautiful girl ever but if you can’t walk across the stage with grace……it looks like a train wreck.  Ask a contestant a basic question and they bomb the answer or they speak badly…..everyone cringes.  So the pageant contestants get my utmost respect because it’s hard to be out there in front of hundreds of people with a spotlight on you and really perform “error free.”  When I see it done especially from the really young ones and they pull it off well….I am amazed.  I mean to have perfect posture, walk in heels across a stage, keeping eye contact with your judges and the crowd, while SMILING big and showing off your outfit all while being nervous would have my knees knocking!  It’s at those moments I’m glad I’m behind the camera and NOT in front of it.


So back to Alyssa.  She comes in to my studio for her shoot looking like royalty.  She’s only 6 years old and had poise and grace that maybe I wasn’t ready for.  Her hair was done to perfection and she has on a little bit of tasteful make up.  I put her on a stool for some warm up shots and I swore I was looking at a baby version of Jayne Kennedy (I know I just dated myself).  Looking at her skin I see why mature women go to get plastic surgery because a young persons skin is pretty flawless.  No bumps, no scratches or scars.  No discolorations or blotches.  No signs of age or sun damage.  No wrinkles.  Just youthful, supple and vibrant skin.  This can great thing for a photographer because there won’t be much skin editing needed.


So as I did some test shots, got my lights as I wanted them and we were off.  This little girl rocked the session effortlessly pose after pose.  She took my directions and just kept sizzling my lenses with her perfect gaze.  She worked like a pro.  Didn’t need coaxing, didn’t need to be promised candy if she posed or paid attention to me.   She was enjoying WORKING at her photo shoot.  These are the days that I love my job.  When I have a person who came to “get it done” and will do whatever it takes to get the shot…..I’m a happy photographer.


Her Mom did great as well.  She allowed me space to shoot never getting in the way and trusting the process.  Her coach Onica (another client of mine and who referred Kim and Alyssa) was also at the shoot.  She was there to assist with posing and styling, as she’s an expert in knowing what the judges will like and what poses will really be winners.  We were an awesome team and I believe the photos show the winning results.


With everything in life comes the word “investment.”  Rarely is anything free.   Ladies invest in great hair, make up, maincures, pedicures, skin care, dental care and clothing.  Why stop there?  If you spent money on all of those things wouldn't you want to get great photos of all of it to hold those memories forever?  I encourage my clients to consider INVESTING in great photography.   It can really make a difference in your home on your walls and in this case…in front of pageant judges.  You are not going to WOW anyone with a phone selfie or a badly lit photo as your pageant headshot nor is that type of photography something that you consider making into a piece of wall art for your home. 

At Paul Marcus Photos we pride ourselves in producing high quality images that you will be proud to display.  A couple of our clients have actually won their pageants after working with us and I do believe it started with their headshot.


If you need a winning headshot for your business, advertising yourself, for a pageant etc. consider our services.  Our pricing is reasonable and the results are phenomenal.  Thanks to Onica Blaize for referring her clients Kim and Miss Alyssa.  They were a pleasure to work with! 

*UPDATE - Just found out that Alyssa's photo was submitted to Fashion Kids Magazine and she was selected as one of the 50 most beautiful kids for the Month of March 2018!  Once again a great photo will get you NOTICED!

Wow.  Congrats!

Alyssa-3LAlyssa-3L Alyssa-27LAlyssa-27L Alyssa-34LAlyssa-34L Alyssa-43LAlyssa-43L Alyssa-65LAlyssa-65L Alyssa-66LAlyssa-66L Alyssa-75LAlyssa-75L Alyssa-80LAlyssa-80L Alyssa-84LAlyssa-84L IMG_0111IMG_0111


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Chasity & David - Cherish these moments Lawrenceville/Atlanta Wedding Photography


Back in September 2017 I had the pleasure of capturing the wedding of Chasity and David.  The wedding was beautifully done in their backyard in Lawrenceville, GA.  Chasity found me and my work online and said she really loved what I do.  She has a fitness background as well so that was another connection to my work.  David is a US ARMY veteran so we hit it off as well as I served for 6 1/2 years myself.  

During our consultation she said she was keeping a tight budget for the wedding so she planned it herself, employed help from friends and family but she wanted to get the BEST photographer she could afford so she decided on me.  I was honored to say the least.   I love weddings and enjoy seeing two people commit to each other and seeing two families celebrate on one beautiful occasion together.  The day turned out perfect.  The weather was beautiful and not too hot and I enjoyed working with them.  Chasity and David really love their dogs and so they incorporated them into the wedding.  The dogs added that extra punch of cute!

Another reason I really love my job?  I know that photographs can be in a family forever.  I know that they could be displayed on a clients home or at their job etc.  I take pride in that.  A quality wedding album can be passed down to children and grandchildren.  On this day Chasity's three sisters served as bridesmaids.  One of her sisters shared with me that she had STAGE IV cancer and asked if I could take a family portrait for her because "she wanted her daughters to have something to remember her by."  My heart dropped.  Then my heartbeat raced.  In that moment I realized how important my photographs of her and her husband and daughters would be.  I gathered myself and did my best to control my emotions.  Yes I took a few family photos of them and her and her husband thanked me.  I felt privileged that I was able to get them those photos and I actually believe they will be in that family for generations to come.  

I checked with Chasity just last month to see how she and David were and to check on her sister Jamie in particular.   They were actually all just returning from a trip to the beach as they are trying to make the best memories with the time her sister has left.   Once again I got a heart check.  I think I am a strong person until I hear about situations that I have never been through and I see how people are dealing with and living through them. 

So today I wanted to celebrate Chasity and David who allowed me for a day to be a part of their lives and family.  I wish you all the best in your love and marriage.  I also wanted to send love to her sister Jamie who is battling cancer very gracefully and whom I'll never forget.   I hope my pictures were just what you needed.  ;o)

Enjoy some of the photos.  Jamie and her family is the very last photo.


Chasity & David-248Chasity & David-248

Chasity & David-19Chasity & David-19The wedding dress Chasity & David-26Chasity & David-26The brides shoes, bouquet and the wedding rings Chasity & David-31Chasity & David-31The wedding rings and bouquet Chasity & David-33Chasity & David-33The guys boutonnieres Chasity & David-34Chasity & David-34 Chasity & David-48-2Chasity & David-48-2The bride putting on her garter Chasity & David-58Chasity & David-58 Chasity & David-67Chasity & David-67 Chasity & David-72Chasity & David-72The brides Mom and sisters helping her get ready Chasity & David-84Chasity & David-84The bride with her Mom and bridesmaids (sisters) Chasity & David-89Chasity & David-89 Chasity & David-107Chasity & David-107First Look - Seeing each other for the 1st time BEFORE the actual wedding Chasity & David-116Chasity & David-116First look Chasity & David-123Chasity & David-123 Chasity & David-142-2Chasity & David-142-2The bride and groom sharing a moment Chasity & David-146Chasity & David-146 Chasity & David-149Chasity & David-149 Chasity & David-150Chasity & David-150 Chasity & David-180Chasity & David-180 Chasity & David-222Chasity & David-222The complete bridal party Chasity & David-234Chasity & David-234 Chasity & David-243Chasity & David-243 Chasity & David-273Chasity & David-273Happy couple with the 4 legged children! Chasity & David-301Chasity & David-301The beautiful backyard wedding set up Chasity & David-306Chasity & David-306The wedding rings Chasity & David-311Chasity & David-311 Chasity & David-346Chasity & David-346 Chasity & David-458Chasity & David-458A toast to all the guest Chasity & David-480Chasity & David-480Having fun on their 1st dance! Chasity & David-279Chasity & David-279Chasity (the bride) and her sister Jamie Chasity & David-465Chasity & David-465Jamie and her family.

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Billy Blanks - Dana Point, CA Although I am based in Lawrenceville, GA I travel a lot.  Back in 2015 I was walking through the (George Bush) Houston International Airport and who did I notice sitting down ever inconspicuously?  None other than Billy Blanks of Tae Bo fame.  I felt like I knew him and that he was an old friend because my wife had been working out to his routines for many years.  I basically shouted (not too loudly) out "Billy Blanks" with a big grin on my face.  I went over to him with my hand extended and he grinned and shook it as introduced myself.  Well actually.......if you know how us "brothas" greet each other.....we actually did the hand shake/shoulder bump cuz that's how we do.  But anyway......I briefly told him the story of my wife working out to his DVD's in our living room and thanked him for being an inspiration of her fitness and workouts.

I also mentioned that I was a photographer and gave him my card and told him I'd love the opportunity to photograph him if he ever had the time.  He said of course!  He gave me his cell number and address to his studio out in the Dana Point area of LA and I said thank you and let him go.  As luck would have it I was in Los Angeles a few weeks later and was able to get to his studio and capture him teaching a class as well as have him pose alone for me for about 30 minutes after that class.

He was very hospitable, gracious and a very likeable guy.  No hollywood attitude.  Just a real "down to earth" person and he's still doing what he loves.  He whipped his class of about 8 people (that night) into a dripping downpour of sweat for sure.  He had men and women in the class and they looked like they were ages 25-60 or so.  It was definitely a HIGH ENERGY class with Billy blasting some real up tempo high hop beats to get everyone's blood pumping.

I've checked on his studio that I went to that day and YELP says it's now closed.  :o(  But I do see his website: is still active.  I am sure he is still teaching and inspiring people all over the world as he always have with his mix of martial arts and working out with his Tae Bo workouts.

It was a pleasure meeting you Billy and I wish you continued success.  Thanks for taking a bit of your time to share with me.

Tae Bo Class-11Tae Bo_billy_blanks_lawrenceville_ga_fitness_photography Tae Bo Class-14Tae Bo Class-14 Tae Bo Class-114Tae Bo Class-114 Tae Bo Class-15Tae Bo Class-15 Tae Bo Class-23Tae Bo Class-23 Tae Bo Class-31Tae Bo Class-31 Tae Bo Class-7Tae Bo Class-7 Tae Bo Class-105Tae Bo Class-105 Tae Bo Class-107Tae Bo Class-107 Tae Bo Class-95Tae Bo Class-95 Tae Bo Class-106Tae Bo Class-106 Tae Bo Class-164Tae Bo Class-164 Tae Bo Class-50Tae Bo Class-50 Billy-2-2Billy-2-2 Billy-6Billy-6 Billy-7Billy-7 Billy-11Billy-11 Billy-10-2Billy-10-2 Billy-23Billy-23 IMG_2580IMG_2580

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Portrait Photo Shoot - Lawrenceville, GA Ariana-153Ariana_beauty_photography_lawrenceville_atlanta_georgiaBeauty Portrait by Paul Marcus Photos Lawrenceville, GA.


Lawrenceville/Atlanta Beauty & Glamour Photography

Photo Shoot Log: Ariana

We enjoy working with Ariana who is not only a pretty face but she also does charity work and she's a college student.  We met her at the 2017 Miss Georgia International in which she won the Teen category (at 19 yrs old).  Her and her mother have what I'd call a "Beauty Background" with pageantry, make up and hair not to mention their wonderful caribbean heritage.  Her and her mother both exude beauty with the rich dark skin, full lips and dark hair.  Their smiles are both memorable as well and will really captivate a room.

I was more than excited to get the opportunity to work with Ariana after the pageant on 2 different occasions.  All of her photos are shot here at my studio in Lawrenceville, GA and with them based in Snellville, GA it makes things easy being so close.  As you will notice the camera just loves her.  We shoot with Canon cameras and lenses but also use Tamron and Sigma lenses as well.

During the shoot we had a couple of minor issues as even if you PLAN everything out....sometimes something will go wrong.  During this photo shoot her green dress wouldn't fit or "lay" the way we wanted but luckily her Mom was able to make it work with some magical safety pin work!

I also was trying to go for a great shot by a fireplace.  This was a "test" shot for me so I had to play with and adjust my lighting for a bit to get the placement and color just right.  Ariana was a very patient model and allowed me the time to fix and adjust to finally get the shot.  

If you are searching for a photographer in Atlanta, Gwinnett County or somewhere nearby give us a try!  We love meeting and working with new clients on portraits, modeling portfolios, head shots, pageant photos and more.

Call us at: 404-500-8605

Click here to request a quote: Send me info

Ariana-153Outdoor Portrait_beauty_photography_lawrenceville_atlanta_georgiaBeauty Portrait by Paul Marcus Photos Lawrenceville, GA. Ariana-153Fall Portrait with leaves_beauty_photography_lawrenceville_atlanta_georgiaFall Portrait or Senior portrait by Paul Marcus Photos Lawrenceville, GA. Ariana-153Modeling and Fashion Photography_beauty_photography_lawrenceville_atlanta_georgiaFashion Portrait by Paul Marcus Photos Lawrenceville, GA. Ariana-153By the fireplace_beauty_photography_lawrenceville_atlanta_georgiaBeauty Portrait by Paul Marcus Photos Lawrenceville, GA. Ariana-153Fashion Photography - Blue Boots_beauty_photography_lawrenceville_atlanta_georgiaFashion Photography by Paul Marcus Photos Lawrenceville, GA.

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Feature story by Georgia State Homes!


We were recently featured in an article by Georgia State Homes!!  They write articles about local businesses to show clients and prospective clients QUALITY businesses that are in the area and we were selected based on our Images and Reviews!

Read the article here:

Thanks to Georgia State Homes for the article.

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Lexia The Shoot:

It's been a while since I've posted a blog and what better way to come back then with a recent session with up and coming Georgia model Lexia.  We worked together on a chilly February day here in Georgia but she worked liked a seasoned pro.  No complaining about being cold, took my instructions and requests and cranked out awesome poses and photos ALL DAY.  This shoot ran about 5 hours from a local park then back to my studio in Lawrenceville.

Her Mom Denise played stylist, her Dad Robert had security taken care of and my boy Ira from IRoc Photography backed me up with assistant and behind the scenes duties - photos and video.  A great shoot takes more than 1 or 2 people and anyone who has tried to do it all can tell you......things are a lot smoother with extra people to help.

On this shoot I got to use a new light modifier which was a Octobox made by Neewer.  It's designed to work with speedlights and I was anxious to give it a try.  I have softboxes and an Octobox in my studio but nothing designed for speedlights.  I want to be as MOBILE as possible with lightweight, easy to pack and easy to set up items when I'm on the road or on location so this was the perfect test.  How did it work out?  I'd say pretty great.  I used the octobox as a rim light in some shots to light Lexia's hair and body from the side when the clouds rolled in.  You will see I did NOT use the diffusion panel as I felt it wasn't necessary. I did use it as a KEY light from the front in some shots.  This NEEWER Octabox is a snap to set up as it pops up like an umbrella.  Not rods to install and remove etc.  Very simple.

I also got to try out my new Yongnuo triggers.  I got these originally because I need to do some HSS (high speed sync) work and my previous triggers don't have this technology.  The Yongnuo triggers are AWESOME.  They work great, have a focus assist light on the front, include HSS and allow me to adjust flash power to EACH flash remotely.  No more walking over to flashes to turn them up or down.  The price of the triggers is STUPID cheap so if you need triggers for your flashes....I'd get some of these NOW before the prices go up.

Gear list:

My Bag - Think Tank 

Camera - Canon 5D Mark II

Lens - Tamron 70-200mm Di VC f/2.8

Lens - Canon 50mm f/1.4

Flash - Canon 580 ex II flash

Trigger - Yongnuo

Receiver - Yongnuo

Modifier - Neewer Octobox

Assistant's gear:

Camera - Canon 70D

Lens - Tamron 24-70mm f/2.8

Now that I've covered all the gear stuff for the gear junkies.....Let's move on to the images!  Most of the pics here are NOT even edited.  I edited a few for some fly away hairs etc.  But no heavy editing needed.  Lexia's skin is near perfect and her poses and faces are phenomenal to be so young.......she's just 16yrs old!  Wow.  Enjoy!

Check out the shoot VIDEO (still working on video skills - forgive the "camera shake."  :o)


(Paul Marcus Photos) Senior Portraits fashion models photography photoshoot Thu, 03 Mar 2016 03:57:34 GMT
Glamour Shoot - Valentina VALENTINA.........I had the pleasure of working with Miss Valentina in December for a Prom Dress shoot for Bravura which is a local Dress store here in Georgia.  Valentina is a gorgeous girl with a spunky and fun personality.  Her family is from Columbia and it was ironic that I was there in September for a friends wedding.  Val literally JUMPS off the screen on images.  Her HUGE eyes which I've nicknamed "Marbles" are stunning and make her face very alluring.

Sometimes when I shoot "pretty/bubbly/nice" girls......I like to change their mode to more EDGY.  If a girl is already "EDGY" then I will try her in a "softer" mode.  When building a portfolio of images a person should create a multitude of looks to show their diversity and flexibility.  This really helps models and actors not get type cast as only having ONE look.  Val definitely has some depth.  She was very coachable and took my instructions and suggestions well.  Her sister Cami also assisted with the shoot with ideas, styling help and even took some behind the scenes photo/video for us.....THANKS Cami!

These are just a few of my favorite images to start with but there are TONS of great shots of this lovely young lady.  She is studying Broadcast Journalism currently at a local University and I'm sure she will do well.  Bright, smart and beautiful......she is definitely "made for TV."  Remember us little people Val as you climb to higher heights!  

(Behind the scenes video at the bottom!)

(Paul Marcus Photos) fashion glamour glamour photography models photography Sun, 22 Feb 2015 02:33:17 GMT
Bravura 2015 Prom Dress Shoot I had the pleasure of meeting the staff of Bravura Fashion out of Snellville, GA at a winter Bridal Show here in Lawrenceville.  Konstynce Eberhart was nice enough to come by my table and introduce herself and share Bravura's information with me.  About a month or so after that initial meeting I went to the store to say hello and get a tour etc.  Bravura is an excellent store here in the North Atlanta area (and they have other locations as well) which has all your needs for formal dresses, shoes, jewelry etc.  They also have a BRIDAL area to handle all of your wedding day needs.

Konstynce and I talked about weddings and prom season etc.  I shared with her some of my passion and ideas which she loved and decided to mention my ideas to the store owners.  After those talks.......a PHOTO SHOOT was decided upon to shoot the upcoming season of PROM DRESSES.  Bravura had access to models that they had used before for different events as well as a styling team.  It was a GO!!!

Bravura also coordinated a shoot location locally: Blue Rooster Cafe & Eatery.  We decided to try a location shoot to get out in the community as well as create a more interesting background.  The staff at Blue Rooster was more than accommodating and let us move furniture and set up any way we needed to.

I believe the shoot was a success.  The models and styling was excellent!  Those dresses were phenomenal!  I don't remember Prom Dresses looking as good when I was in high school!  :o)  The styles sure have changed!  LOL

Here are a few pics from the shoot and a nice video of our shoot day.  Enjoy.

Thanks to all involved!  There are some specific "thank you's" in the video.  

VIDEO at the bottom of of the photos........Check it out! Be sure to Share it!


Bravura Fashion ShootShot in Lawrenceville, GA in December 2014 by Paul Marcus Photos 404-500-8605

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Senior Portraits 2015/2016 Senior Portraits Lawrenceville/Snellville - Gwinnett County 

and Greater Atlanta High Schools


As 2014 comes to a close we just wanted to remind High School students to consider us for your SENIOR PORTRAITS!  We do excellent work and provide you with quality prints, books and other items to remember this special time of your life.  Sessions are flexible on time and price but our most popular sessions are 2 hours of shooting time and come with multiple outfit changes and different backgrounds.

Affordable, Professional and FUN!  Located in Lawrenceville, GA and serving students all over the greater Atlanta area.  Enjoy some photos of a recent session with 2015 Senior Gracie from Brookwood HS.   Our session our customizable to make YOUR visions come true!  Need help with Hair and Make Up?  We can set up a stylist for your shoot!  Nervous?  Don't worry....we are friendly and easy to get along with.  We will coach your poses to get your best angles and expressions captured.

Mention you saw this blog and save $50!  *Cannot be combined with any other discounts.


Call us today: 404-500-8605



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Wedding - Erica & Mike I had the pleasure of shooting Erica & Mike's wedding in August of this year.  This couple was a lot of fun to work with and easy to get along with.  Erica is a project manager at her job so she brought a lot of planning skills and had all the details worked out about much of her wedding day.  I thought it was great. This made it easy for me because I knew what she wanted and I felt up to the task.  Mike on the other hand was very cool and smooth......easy going.  This just goes to show how opposites attract and usually provide BALANCE in a relationship.

Their families were wonderful and to hear all the kind words and expressions of love and childhood memories from family and friends was very heartwarming.  I actually got choked up during Mike's younger brothers speech.  He described how he looked up to and admired his older brother all through his life in school, at home and in sports.  He thanked him for "setting a high standard."  This touched me particularly because I'm an only child I don't have this type of bond therefore I felt is was special.

Ok enough of the mushy stuff!  Moving on to the reception.  I can tell you one thing......the Booker and Coleman families REALLY know how to party!  They tore up the dance floor for hours and their guest seemed to have a great time.  I saw everything from the ROBOT to breakdancing, moves from MC Hammer to New Edition and heard beats and tunes from the 80's, 90's and up.  So much fun.  

Congratulations to Erica & Mike. Thank you for letting Paul Marcus Photos share in your special day and we wish you a bright future filled with LOVE!


Would YOU like a free quote for your WEDDING DAY?  Give us a call: 404-500-8605 or email us:



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Glamour Session - Cynthia V.  

Working with Cynthia recently was great.  It was a pleasure and refreshing to work with a model who is confident, comfortable with her body, creative, knows how to pose and is easy to coach into poses.  We had some ideas between the styling team and myself before the shoot so that gave us some ideas to start with.  Make up was done by Lizbeth Mejorado and her sister Aguis Mejorado did the hair styling.  

Cynthia was flexible with her ideas as well as mine and allowed me to create along with her.  Enjoy a few of the shots from our recent session!

Interested in your own glamour session?  Contact us with your ideas.  At Paul Marcus Photos we provide a private, comfortable, creative environment where you can be free to express yourself however you want.   Put down your phone camera, get out of the mirror and schedule a real photo shoot today!

Visit for more information or call us at 512-633-5624.  Send us an email:


































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Senior Portraits - Marissa I had the pleasure of working with Marissa recently for her senior portraits.  Her mom had found me online and "loved my work" as she put it and wanted me to photograph her daughter.  I had a great time working with Marissa who had a great smile and a warm personality.  Marissa was quite the softball player I was told so we were sure to capture some shots with her jersey, a ball and glove.  Thanks Marissa for the awesome photos and good luck to you in the coming future.

At Paul Marcus Photos we work with your young graduate to capture them at their best.  We capture "traditional" type poses and go for some "creative" type shots as well.  We offer studio AND outdoor or other location type shoots.

If you have a senior or upcoming senior contact us today about setting up your child for their own up close and personal photo session with PAUL MARCUS PHOTOS!


(Paul Marcus Photos) Cedar Ridge HS High School Seniors Senior Pictures senior portraits Tue, 04 Jun 2013 21:22:31 GMT
Austin Fashion Week 2013 - Stephen Moser MVP  




















I had the pleasure of not only attending Austin Fashion Week 2013 but also the pleasure of photographing it this year for my friends at InFluential Magazine.  In years past, Fashion Week would sneak up on me without much warning as it would seem and I somehow would miss it.

This year I was able to stay aware, submit an application for a media credential, get that credential and be involved.  I was more than excited......and a little nervous as well.  Paul Marcus Photos has been shooting in the Austin area for over 4 years now.  We believe that growth requires challenge and fashion week would be a challenge for sure.  Not knowing the fashion show protocols, where to stand, where to sit, lighting challenges, which lens would be the best choice at different times were all questions I had and was eager to learn the answers to.

Luckily for me I have shot some "fitness" fashion shows over the past couple of years and they are very similar except that the models are wearing almost nothing and have rippling muscles everywhere.  But the fitness world did give me experience with testing my gear, choosing my place in a room, timing my shots etc.  So with the blessing from my wife to spend a few nights away from the house....a feat of its own....I packed up my trusty Think Tank camera bag full of my Canon camera gear and set off into the world of Austin's Fashion scene.

What can I say now that the experience is over?  First thing is WOW. I was greatly impressed with how each event was put together for efficiency.  The planning teams should all get bonuses because I thought the venues, security, check in, and personnel were all awesome.  I dig Austin's personalities and the smiles that flow here.  I come from South Jersey and you all might know a little about "abrasive" easterner's and their short patience. In Austin Texas that doesn't seem to be the case.   The people really make this place and are usually very nice, friendly and helpful to all.  So that really helped me enter these Fashion Elite spaces as a rookie because I needed a little assistance getting acclimated. 

At the shows,the fashions were top notch and interesting.  On display were:  Gail Chovan, Kendra Scott, Crowned Bird, Parrot by Sarah Parrot, Teddies for Betty's, Tess Designs, Ciarla, Linda Asaf, The Ross Bennet Collection, Stephen Moser, Rare Trends, Megan Summerville, Adrienne Yunger, Pearl Southern Couture, Sarah Eileen, and Lilly Lorraine.  Make up was provided by Rae Cosmetics, Hair by Ron King Salon, and Styling was by Christina Facundo.

The finale of the week is the Austin Fashion Awards.  The awards include a wrap up fashion show and this was a highlight event.  A red carpet entry began the night and the guests poured into the wonderfully set up Austin Music Hall.  Buzz was in the air and I could tell it would be a special night.  After my red carpet duties I found my spot on the photography risers within the main room.  A large, elevated, U shaped runway provided me with a great view.  I would be directly facing the end of one side of the runway which provided me with an excellent vantage point.

Awards were given out to special achievers and trailblazers in the industry etc.  My friend, neighbor and colleague Gerry Hanan of Hanan Exposures an awesome photographer and mentor during my growth in this business won the "Mash Up Team" photography competition in the Critics Choice category for the photo that he and his team submitted.  See it here:

Stephen Moser. Mark that name down in your head.  Yes I loved Kendra Scott, and Ross Bennett, and others.  They were all FABULOUS.  I mean that.  Excellent.  But you know when you watch pro sports there always are those that rise above the rest?  A superstar? The MVP of the All Stars?  Well that is what my take on Mr. Stephen Moser is.  He gave us a peek inside his creative brain and wow.....what a wonderful trip.  Stephen is a true showman.  His show ran longer than everyone else.  I didn't care.  You cannot box or restrict an artist.  I enjoyed and savored every pleasing second.  With each entry of another model.....I could feel my soul asking.....what will be next?  You could hear a pin drop in the room as this artist had us ALL in the palm of his hand.  Each and every outfit had it's own time to shine while the models carefully, slowly, and deliberately took their time down the runway.  They seemed to know that they were part of something special and basked in the moment.  







































Stephen's show was titled "Stephen MacMillan Moser Presents: Fashion as Theater: A Pagan Royal Wedding." 

It was awesome.  As my fellow photographer Steve DeMent said.....I had goosebumps. Steve said he was pushed to tears.  I didn't get that emotional....but I could understand.  The music selections that went with the models put everyone in the relaxed space that we needed to be in to receive what we were about to see. 

Each model was excellent, male and female.  They embraced their roles well.  It was like we were watching a Las Vegas Show right in Austin, complete with sights to entice the eye: great costumes, fire, and even tasteful nudity.

The final scene turned out to be special for me as one of my favorite models Elle LaMont was the Bride in this production.  She deserved the spotlight as Elle is simply stunning.  I have named her "Austin's Salma Hayek."  Equally beautiful and curvy with a great humble personality.  Doesn't get much better.  Elle worked the runways like a technician.  Carefully selecting her steps, eyeing the crowd and rhythmically moving her arms and shoulders as she seemed to float across the floor.  See her photos below in the Silver dress and white headpiece.  


There are a couple of photos of me with Mr. Moser at the end of the post.  Enjoy!  Stephen: Thanks for the inspiration!






























































































































































































































Me and the MasterRich Monyer (Paul Marcus Photos & Stephen MacMillan Moser)





(Paul Marcus Photos) 2013 Austin Awards""Stephen Fashion Moser" austin fashion week Thu, 23 May 2013 02:42:16 GMT
"Natural Me" with Mara Smart Mara and I have been friends on Facebook for a couple of years now.  We had wanted to work together and finally had the chance as I needed to shoot a few black women who wear their hair in a NATURAL style.  That means no hair pieces, extensions, perms, or weaves.  

Mara's hair is wonderful.  Full, bushy and curly - naturally perfect!  So we got to play around with some photos I needed for an upcoming event.  I also shot a short video of her so enjoy!




*Consider making a video and photo slideshow of yourself for that special person in YOUR life.  A video and photos makes a great gift.  It can be put to music of your choice and the theme of the video can be your own unique ideas or we can help come up with something.  Contact us for details at 512-633-5624 or email us:


(Paul Marcus Photos) african american models afrocentric hair black women with natural hair Thu, 18 Apr 2013 19:32:16 GMT
Glorias Restaurant - Downtown Austin Just a quick post about a restaurant that is a winner every time........Gloria's.  I have been a Patron of Gloria's at The Domain in Austin for a couple of years now and just had the chance to try the downtown location at 6th and Lavaca.  All I can say is that the Gloria's franchise has got it RIGHT.  The restaurant's are always exceptionally CLEAN, have great ambiance, and the food and drinks are the best.  

On my recent lunch visit I had the Grilled Pollo Assado with rice and beans and my wife ordered the Shrimp Plancha with vegetables and a side of Plantains.  Everything was DELISH.  :o)  Treat yourself to a taste of the southwest with a "top shelf" margarita on the rocks.....I did.  My wife enjoyed a glass of wine.

The staff is always friendly, well dressed and fast. If you are looking for a place to take a client, friend, or date to IMPRESS them with how "in the know" you are of great places to dine.....put Gloria's on your list.  Here are a few pics of when I took my wife there for lunch.  Please understand if you hit them at a PEAK time my "fast" compliment might not apply....but be patient.......they'll be worth the wait. :o)

Call ahead and check their schedule because they have music on certain weekend nights and there is a cover charge and dress code.  But if you want to dine and then dance......this would be the place.


(Paul Marcus Photos) Fri, 05 Apr 2013 22:04:43 GMT
State Rep. Dawnna Dukes I had the pleasure and honor of working with and interviewing one of Texas' power players....State Representative Dawnna Dukes.  I got the idea of a story on her after hearing her speak at an MLK Day walk in 2012.  Luckily for me my friends at InFluential Magazine loved the idea as well.

I can only imagine the road traveled by this beautiful, educated, successful woman who works here in Austin at the state capitol.  Being a minority both by race and gender hasn't seemed to slow or hinder her in any way which is a great story in it's own.

Rather than re-write a wonderful story written by Laura Suarez at InFluential.....please read it for yourself here:  Influential story on Dawnna Dukes (click on "click to read" to launch the magazine).  Do yourself a favor and subscribe to InFluential to stay up on what's happening in Austin, as well as the other great stories they provide on health, wellness, fashion and the like.

I photographed Rep. Dukes on a busy day at her office in the fall of 2012.  As limited as the time was, I was glad to grab a few of those corporate shots.  We didn't get to complete her 2nd photo session until after the New Year.  I had the help of a wonderful make up artist who's work I love: Lana Johnson of 987 Beauty here in Austin.  When you need that SPECIAL make up for a night out, big event, wedding etc., check them out.

Our goal on the 2nd photo shoot was to showcase Rep Dukes in a more "Glamourous" light.  Less Politician......ALL woman.  I think we achieved our goal.  She looked FABULOUS and I think our photos are the proof.

Much continued success to you Representative Dukes and thanks for allowing us to get inside of your world a little bit.  :o)

Thanks to William Jackson and the staff at InFluential magazine for an excellent story and support of the idea.

Last but not least THANKS to the staff at Rep Dukes office in particular: John Julitz and Kia (don't have her last name)....who took a lot of phone calls and emails setting me up with the Representative.

(Paul Marcus Photos) 987 Beauty Dawnna Dukes InFluential Magazine Powerful Women in Texas Texas Politicians Texas State Representative Sun, 31 Mar 2013 00:53:41 GMT
Shalott Lilly - Unique & Custom Jewelry Hi all,

I just wanted to shout out about my friend Adrian Amiro of Shalott Lilly Jewelry currently based here in Austin Texas.  Adrian is a sweetheart of a person and makes some of the most INCREDIBLE jewelry you've ever seen.  This year some of her line was featured in NYC's Fashion week!  She's a rising star so catch her on her way UP!

See her stuff here: Shalott Lilly

(Paul Marcus Photos) Adrian Amiro Custom Jewelry NYC Fashion Week Shalott Lilly Unique Jewelry Thu, 28 Mar 2013 20:24:36 GMT
Kelly Sabrina - Dynamo During my trip to California last month I was introduced to Kelly Sabrina.  Kelly was in the Palm Springs Classic fitness show that I was covering with photography and Kelly would also shoot a photo session with me on Sunday before I flew back to Texas.  All I can say is.....what a treat.  This woman holds a quiet confidence in a room and is somewhat soft spoken.  But as I learned more about her being well traveled, educated, musical and artistic I knew that she was one of a kind.  Did I mention she's also a certified Mortician?  

Kelly rocked the stage at the fitness show on Saturday as expected.  Then came Sunday.  We (a group of us traveled from LA to Palm Springs together - Thanks Sharon Polsky who was a great host and coordinator!) traveled back to LA in the wee hours of the morning only to meet up at Pole Position Fitness in Long Beach to start Sunday's photo shoots.

Kelly was last to shoot but well worth the wait.  She brought me something different.  Not glamour, not awesome make up or hair, not gorgeous clothing and the like.  Not saying she wasn't lovely....just saying THOSE things were not the focus.

What she brought was more beautiful.......her talented body and the beauty it could produce.  I wasn't even ready.  LOL  She started jumping around at one point and I had to slow her down so I could figure out how I would light and capture her poetic motions.  In some of the photos you can see we are in a back room of a studio but her fluid motions and jumps shine through anyway.

I moved her back to the main room of the studio and she delighted me with more flexibility and power all bundled up together.  That is why I am naming her "Dynamo."  Dynamo by definition is an electrical generator that produces a direct current.....and she definitely produces her own power. was a pleasure meeting and working with you.

Images shot at Pole Position Fitness in Long Beach California.

If you need a great photographer for photo needs or ideas contact us:

Paul Marcus Photos


(Paul Marcus Photos) Kelly Sabrina ballet dance fitness models flexibility Tue, 26 Mar 2013 06:34:31 GMT
Get Glamorous - Spy Version After shooting glamour session for over 4 years now I wanted to capture a session with 3 of my favorite Austin area models: Gabriela Gonzalez, Haley Tidwell, and Jessica Mitchell.  These ladies had worked with me before on different projects but this project was perfect for them all to work with me together.

I grew up a big fan of James Bond and the 007 movies.  I had an idea to try and capture some of the smooth, powerful, and in control look and vibe that 007 always portrays.  It's silly.....yeah I know but on this night I got to be the "cool guy."  I had 3 lovely ladies making ME look good.  :o)

Overall I wanted to show you all that at Paul Marcus Photos we shoot awesome photography everything from head shots, fitness photography, weddings, high school seniors and more.  Our studio is clean, comfortable and easy to work in.  We work with the best make up artists and hair stylist from greater Austin area as well.  On this night I had special help from make up and hairstylist: Vanessa Busbee and Photographer: Gerry Hanan.  Thanks guys!

If you have a dream photo session or project.....we'd love to help you do it.

Check out the video at the bottom of the page...... :o)


(Paul Marcus Photos) 007 Glamour fashion models photo photography session videos Fri, 22 Mar 2013 17:35:22 GMT
Wedding - Nsenga & Walter I had the pleasure and pressure of shooting my good friend Walt's wedding last fall outside of Atlanta, GA.  I was honored that Walt would hire me to shoot his special day.  Walt said he wouldn't want to give his money for his wedding photography to anyone else but me.  I appreciated that confidence and did my best to provide my friend with my best service.  That's where the "pressure" came from......I never want to do a bad job on any photography.  Let alone a wedding......let alone a GOOD FRIENDS WEDDING.

The wedding was held in the mountains of Georgia at the Forrest Hills Mountain Resort which is a secluded cabin style resort perfect for romantic getaways.  In attendance were the couples very closest family and friends.  This couple is so much fun as Walt's humor I know and am used to, but he seemed to find someone who definitely can keep up with his funny bone for sure.  Nsenga is not only a beautiful and intelligent woman but is filled with spunk, quick wit and a great smile.  They love "to clown" and and LAUGH and now they have a life time to do it together.  

Congrats to my brother Walt and my new Sis....Nsenga.


(Paul Marcus Photos) Austin Wedding Photographer Round Rock Wedding Photographer Weddings bridal photos couples photography portrait photographer wedding photography Fri, 22 Mar 2013 15:11:10 GMT
Fitness Competitor - Megan McIntyre I had the pleasure of working with Megan last month during the Palm Springs Classic in Palm Springs, CA.  The event was in it's 1st year and turned out to be a great showcase of fitness competitors and all types of fitness vendors and professionals.  

I offered my service to shoot photo sessions the Friday BEFORE the show which was held on Saturday.  Megan was one of 7 people that booked time with me.  As you will see from her photos.....Megan is a force to be reckoned with.  She has a greatly toned, muscular physique while still maintaining her femininity.  She took 1st place in her division.

Megan has a great personality and smile and was a lot of fun to work with.  Congratulations Megan!

Thanks to the Palm Springs Fitness Center in Palm Springs, California for hosting us during the photo session.

If you are interested in your own fitness photo session, Paul Marcus Photos is based in the Austin, Texas area but we travel to other cities as well.  

Contact us at 512-633-5624. Visit our website:


(Paul Marcus Photos) austin texas fitness photographer fit women fitness photographer fitness photography hot bodies work out women Fri, 22 Mar 2013 04:42:58 GMT