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Lori Z-9Lori Z-9


Lawrenceville/Atlanta Boudoir Photography

Shooting Boudoir, Sexy or Nude Images


This Boudoir/Sexy Images/Nudity topic can be a touchy one for some.  Even for myself I've struggled sometimes over the years of "HOW" I want my photography viewed and perceived by others.  Unfortunately every male with a camera is NOT a professional and some of them have ruined the term "professional photographer" for many.  I wanted to differ from the perverts with a cameras and do my best to capture images that even if they might be racy or risqué......they could be done with class and taste.  I wanted my clients who desired this type of service to FEEL beautiful and celebrated and I wanted viewers of my work to be pleasantly intrigued, interested and maybe even stunned.

"How can I achieve this?" I asked myself.  How can I take photos of scantily clad clients that reach the goal the client is looking for, satisfies my own creativity and artistic values and not have my art or integrity questioned by my wife and/or family about the images I made?

I came up with a few ways:

  1. Shoot every boudoir/sexy session as if my wife were present and keep conversation PROFESSIONAL. 
  2. Treat every female client how I'd want my wife, mother or daughters treated
  3. Capture the shot that tells the story or mood I'm trying to convey....nothing more
  4. Don't shoot nudity and body parts just to be shooting nudity and body parts
  5. Do everything in my power to make my client feel comfortable, beautiful and confident

I think with these 5 elements I can achieve my goal of successful boudoir/sexy photography and my clients would enjoy themselves and hopefully love their images. 


Getting a new boudoir client

When I am contacted by someone that wants boudoir or any type of "sexy" photos.....I have a consultation with them to hear what their vision is for the shoot and the images that we try to produce.  We talk about boundaries, goals and I always request some "inspiration images" from their own searching across the internet.  If the client can do some of their own research for images that they love.....this helps them know what type of outfits they want to wear, scenes they might want to create and helps them have at least some "starting" poses to practice.  I believe with my good communication from the beginning of the process, my clients are usually ready, planned and excited on shoot day.

Having photographed numerous women of all personality types, ethnicities and backgrounds I can say that I've had the very confident types who are into fitness (as my photos will show) and they have no problem getting undressed and walking around naked, to the very shy types who are striving for some confidence to shake things up a bit.  I've photographed women who've recently lost weight and worked out to get back their bikini body and women who wanted to give their significant other some sexy photos of themselves as a gift.  I recently had a client who was newly divorced and was looking to discover her feminine side and sex appeal again.  She said it had been awhile since she felt "pretty" and looked forward to shopping for her outfits, getting her hair and makeup done and having some awesome images of herself to enjoy.


My Vision

Yes I know that even though I personally might really like the images I've posted in THIS blog, some of you will not.  That is fine.  They say "beauty is in the eye of the beholder."  So as I post some of my work here in this blog it's attempting to reach or interest SOME of you.  If you are a woman who has a desire to be photographed in a "judgement free zone," somewhere where you will be respected and celebrated......consider reaching out to us for a consultation.  We'd love to hear your ideas and see if we can help you achieve some wonderful images that you can be proud of.  I think all women should start cataloging themselves photographically maybe every 5 years at a minimum.  This will show how you age, mature and change over the course of your life.  What better way to look back at your life and actually SEE how far you've come?  We all will get older, gain weight, get some grey hair, lose hair etc.  But the awesome thing about women (I believe) is that they are beautiful in every stage of their lives.  Sometimes I believe that women are going so hard at life, at work or for their families they forget about the girl inside.  They don't take the time to celebrate being a FEMALE and enjoy their body, their tenderness, their sensitivity and yes...even their sexiness.  

Body images.....I know my portfolio and even the photos within this blog will show good looking women with awesome bodies.  What I'd like to say to you as you are reading this blog is that if you don't look like these clients of mine, that's OK.  The reason I don't have someone that looks like YOU in my portfolio is because YOU have not called to set an appointment.  I can only shoot who books a session with me.  The women that you see in my portfolio of work have one thing in common......confidence.  If you happen to be larger or smaller than the women in my what!  You have your own unique beauty and I'd love to showcase it for you.  Don't compare yourself to anyone.  Be yourself.  At Paul Marcus Photos were are here to photograph PEOPLE.  Plain and simple.....all shapes, all sizes, all races.  My portfolio has a lot of fitness people because they love my work and guess what....they love taking photos.  I can't fault them for that.  But I don't want to be cornered into only being looked at as a "Fitness Photographer."  So if you are out there and you might not have 6 pack abs and a perfectly toned body....but you love how you feel in your own skin and you want some awesome, racy, sexy or intimate photos of yourself, we are here for YOU.  ;o)


A funny story

One funny story I can share about one of my very first boudoir PRACTICE sessions is I had this very beautiful model all made up, hair done and wearing nothing but underwear and heels.  We planned to do some bed poses.  So she's on the bed and I literally have NO posing experience (at the time) for this type of work.  So I have to "wing it."  Then after I get some kind of pose for lighting set up is all wrong.  I asked for her patience as I was trying to light her just right for the pose.   She was great that day allowing me the time I needed to move lights and "figure out" what I liked with my lighting, photograph angles etc.   That day really taught me.....before shooting any NEW type of must PRACTICE to work out the kinks.  Having some experience, skill and a plan really helps achieve a successful shoot.

Here's the shot I was able to get after figuring out the pose and lighting:


In summary....for all of the women who have displayed themselves in front of me and my camera.....I thank you for that trust.  You have shown me your most intimate self, your beauty, your tenderness, your fear, your insecurities, wrinkles, scars and imperfections.  I hope that I made you feel like all I saw was your beauty and captured it in a way that you, and whoever your shared your images with could see it too.


Paul Marcus Photos

*Paul Marcus Photos is a portrait photographer based near Atlanta in Lawrenceville, GA.  We specialize is glamour, beauty, headshots, pageant, high school senior portraits and wedding photography.  Need a photographer?  Give a call: 404-500-8605, or email: [email protected]


The Images

Boudoir: is a woman's private sitting room or salon in a furnished accommodation, usually between the dining room and the bedroom, but can also refer to a woman's private bedroom.

Although the above definition refers to a sitting room or bedroom....I like to flip that to be anywhere a woman is showing her intimate beauty, allure and sex appeal.  As you will see in my images that can be indoors, outdoors, in my studio, anywhere in a house, in lingerie or in a bikini.  However YOU feel how I will photograph you.

Alexis-159Alexis-159 Alexis-93LAlexis-93L Alexis-45LAlexis-45L


Abby-20-3Abby-20-3 Abby-121-4Abby-121-4 Abby-149-2Abby-149-2 Analiza-126LAnaliza-126L Analiza-89LAnaliza-89L Analiza -1st editAnaliza -1st edit Analiza-7LAnaliza-7L


Cynthia mirror styleCynthia mirror style


Cinthya #3-193Cinthya #3-193 Cinthya - Horses-123Cinthya - Horses-123 Danielle-207Danielle-207 Danielle-145Danielle-145

Danielle-106Danielle-106 Danielle-48Danielle-48 Danielle-20Danielle-20

Danielle-154-EditDanielle-154-Edit Danielle-211-EditDanielle-211-Edit IMG_0041IMG_0041 Lisa-190LLisa-190L Lisa-40Lisa-40


IMG_7514IMG_7514 Luba Lieber-397Luba Lieber-397 Luba Lieber-351Luba Lieber-351 Liuba-116Liuba-116 Liuba-80Liuba-80

Lori Z-26Lori Z-26

Brittany-247-2Brittany-247-2 Shae Connor-10LShae Connor-10L Shae Connor-70LShae Connor-70L Shae Connor-47LShae Connor-47L


Vicky side by sideVicky side by side Vicky-172Vicky-172 Vicky-120LVicky-120L

Vicky-124LVicky-124L Vicky-233Vicky-233

Paul Marcus Photos is based in Lawrenceville, Georgia an serves the greater Atlanta area.  We perform and specialize in boudoir photography, fitness photography, wedding photography, high school senior photography and senior portraits, beauty photography, glamour photography, fashion photography and select family photography.  We love servicing the Atlanta, GA area as well as our local areas of Lawrenceville, Snellville, Duluth, Suwanee, Buford and Loganville, Georgia.


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