Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What should I wear?  Most times I suggest solid colors for portraits.  Stay away from stripes, florals and patterns.  This rule CAN be broken.  Families look good outdoors in the same color tops: white, black, brown, blue etc.  You can always search the internet for clothing ideas as well.  We will work with you prior to your photo session and send photo ideas to you to give you some ideas that will help you decide.  We suggest checking the internet, Pinterest and other sites that can help you come up with styling tips. 
  2. When will I be able to see my images? Normal turn around time to see your preview images is 7 days or sooner from the day you shoot.  
  3. How should I select a photographer (wedding or portrait)?  Don't let PRICE be the most important factor.  You should look at their photographs and see if you connect with them.  If you don't like the photographs.....move on. Next you should MEET them.  If you feel comfortable talking with and being around them.....this is a great sign.  You will be working in close quarters with this person and you want to be comfortable during that time. 
  4. What camera brand do you shoot with?  We currently shoot with Canon professional camera bodies and an assortment of Canon and other lenses made for our Canon cameras.
  5. Do you shoot RAW or JPG? Can I purchase my electronic images?  We shoot all photos in RAW format.  We provide our customers with JPG files when photos are given in electronic form.
  6. Do you require a contract or release form to be signed?  Yes. This is to help all of us involved understand completely what our agreement is and what products will be delivered at the end.  
  7. How do I book or reserve your services?  For most photo sessions a 50% deposit is required to hold your day and time slot.  It can be payed electronically via email/ebill.  We use most major pay services: PayPal, CashApp, Venmo and Zelle.  
  8. Do you provide any Make up/Hair/Fashion styling?  No.  But these additional services can be added for a fee.  Honestly if you want your portraits to REALLY stand out.....We'd consider hiring a professional make up artist.  If you've ever watched a professional photo shoot on TV you have seen the groups of people necessary to make the shoot a success.  We can do a lot with less, but most of our glamour shots have had the involvement of a professional make up artist at a minimum.

A question from us to YOU........

How important is CHEAP to you?  

We've all bought a cheap piece of clothing or pair of shoes and thought we got a deal only to find out it wasn't worth it when the item didn't last 2 washes or the shoes hurt our feet.  We are not usually shopping for the cheapest thing while shopping EVER.  We are usually looking for the most EXPENSIVE thing we can afford OR something EXPENSIVE that's been discounted.  You buy some things in life based on their QUALITY and you won't stray from it if you can help it.  Ever blow your nose with cheap tissues?  Feels like sandpaper on your nose right?  How about those cheap napkins they give us at some restaurants and you have to use like 10 to clean your hands?  You get my point.  At Paul Marcus Photos we feel that our photography is VALUABLE, of higher quality and priced accordingly.  We will capture impactful and lasting imagery of you and you will be PROUD to show it off. 

I've heard many horror stories of people who chose to get the cheapest photographer available and regretted it.  The results were poor and the money was wasted.  What's worse is that if it was a's over.  You can't re-do the photos.  When it's a portrait's a lot of planning, hair and make up styling, outfit costs etc.  If the photographer bombs the just wasted your money.  So please choose your photographer wisely.  At Paul Marcus Photos we take your session just as serious as you do.  We will plan and prepare for you.  We train and stay up on the latest trends so we are as effective as we can be.  We are also a member of the PPA (Professional Photographers Association of America) which just adds more to how serious we are about professionalism.